During the emotional time of family separation, it is easy to make regrettable decisions when caught up in the turmoil of family conflict. These are precisely the times when people need the best attorney advocate they can find - a calm, intelligent guide through the legal maze of divorce. Without such guidance, spouses run the risk of making poor decisions that will color their lives and potentially the lives of their children for decades to come. For solutions to your family law problems, please contact The Law Offices of Michael P. Von Blon today for an appointment with our seasoned divorce attorney. Michael P. Von Blon has been licensed to practice law since 1981, and is board certified family law specialist since 1991. He has handled cases in over 30 counties throughout Texas.

We Start By Attempting Friendly Negotiation.

Based on our experience, we believe that our divorce clients' interests are best served if a settlement can be reached via amicable negotiation. Otherwise, the couple may become even more polarized and attorneys' fees can skyrocket. Once the divorce is complete and the lawyers are out of the picture, it's the former spouses who have to pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward. An amicable divorce that leaves the parties with open lines of communication for issues that may arise in the future helps with the process of moving forward after a divorce.

That said,  we also realize that many times amicable solutions are not feasible, regardless of the desire or effort put forth

to obtain that result. In such situations, Michael  Von Blon has the substantial courtroom experience necessary to fight protracted legal battles on behalf of his divorce clients – in areas of disputes over child custody, spousal maintenance or one spouse's attempt to relocate out-of-state with a child of the marriage. Michael P. Von Blon, a board-certified family law specialist, has successfully resolved family law disputes in more than 30 Texas counties and has the litigation talents and passion necessary to effectively fight on behalf of his contested divorce clients.

Minimize The Uncertainty. Maximize Your Children's Stability. Realize Your Goals.

Our main goal with our divorce clients is to minimize the harm caused to them and their children by the divorce process. We derive professional satisfaction by helping our clients come through this difficult experience relatively unscathed and ready to start a new life chapter.  In order to do so, Michael Von Blon will listen to your needs and desires, honestly assess your case and then advise you as to the likelihood of success based on his many years of experience.  At his firm, Michael Von Blon believes in candor with his client, even if it sometimes may not be what his client wants to hear.  To consult with our board-certified family law attorney regarding your divorce case, please contact The Law Offices of Michael P. Von Blon today at 713-681-5288 or by e-mail.



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